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Sleeping in Public

Sleeping in Public

Jefferson Berry

© 2022 Urban Acoustic Music


Outside the scenery just rolled on by.

A little hitch on the train tracks         

            as he opened his eyes,


“Where were you just now” he asked himself.

Trying hard to remember

His dream and how he felt.


Then he looked around to see

                        who was there.

On the commuter train,

did anyone care

That it had been a hard day

            and he was whipped

Fighting the shame of

Sleeping in Public


A nicely framed photograph hangs on the wall

In the living room of a suburban home.

It’s an image of days gone by

            reminding those he loved

He was more than normal,

He was more than enough.


A bad luck in markets

            hit him one day;

Left his family

            with bills they couldn’t pay.

From lost to loser,

            he let it all slip.

Now you can find him downtown,

Sleeping in Public.





Sometimes you’ll take a break,

            sometime the break takes you.

Dreams of modern living in America,

            it’s true--

You don’t have to fight

            but you can never quit,

End up overwhelmed and

Sleeping in Public


Made the connection to the Broad Street line,

Fairmount Station at a quarter to nine.

There on the station floor

            beneath the city street,

Just for a moment,

            their eyes had a chance to meet.


The broken broker

            who had come in from the rain

Asked the comuter if he could

            spare a little change

To replace this bottle of

            Night Train Express

I know what it looks like,

            I’m just such a mess

But just like you I’m no stranger

            to success

No one will blame either of us for

Sleeping in Public

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