Just out of town, on the bridge

You fell asleep

In the glow of the console, I’m driving

Us to the Beach                     

We’re not alone on this mission

It’s Friday Night,

And everyone’s goin’ fishin’

Wishing for nothing more,

But to Get to the Shore.


Radio silence, still,

There’s a song in my head.

A Costello derivative

Or maybe the Dead

Driver-side rearview mirror,

A blur coming on so much clearer

Some kid with his foot to the floor

Try’n to Get to the Shore.

Mile after Mile

The week fades away

Year after Year

We know the way



Get to the Shore

​Jefferson Berry




Command R

Restarts Song

The seat in recline, you sit up

To see where we are.

“Wow, that was good,” you say

About your nap in the car.


Reach over, touch my leg

Loving the life we’ve made

No one’s keeping score

As we Get to the Shore.