Listen to Me

Jefferson Berry

The songs are good, he knows it
Below the lit stage, the audience
Is loud and drinking heavy.
Is there anything to make them

       get up and dance?
To the beat—it’s feeling good;
The night has just the right mood;
Even the drummer’s doing all that he should


Listen to Me
Please Listen to Me

They’re having a conversation
And she’s telling him just how she feels.
He steals a glance at his wristwatch,
His mind is off on some other deal

And what to say when it’s
His turn, acting as if
Her thoughts really matter to him.



Listen to Me
Please Listen to Me

Her Blue Eyes, always patient
Whenever we meet.
And with all my ranting and raving
She listens to me, she’s listening.

Confronted by a policeman
A young man of color utters an alibi.
A presumption of guilt hangs above him—
His truth is understood as a lie.
Another voice without claim
Don’t wanna know what it is, what it ain’t.
It’s off the books--we got someone to blame.

Listen to Me
Please Listen to Me


JB:  Lead Vocals & Guitars

Briana Berry:  Harmony Vocals

Bud Burroughs:  Mandolin

Billy Hyatt:  Bass & Harmony Vocals

Command R

Restarts Song