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Locks and Guns

Locks and Guns

Jefferson Berry

© 2022 Urban Acoustic Music


Just Being Realistic

These days you can’t be too safe

Make believe you’re in danger

And get your contingencies made


To Protect our persons

To defend our rights

For me and my possessions

            And my Peace of Mind at Night


Locks and Guns for the People

An antidote for their fear

Locks and Guns against evil

Believing the hate that you hear,


Locks and Guns


Everyone was tuned in

To the Bleeding Lead of the News

And of the innocence slaughtered

            At least it wasn’t me or you


Double Dead-bolt Logic, lock them out

While you lock yourself in

The gun waits for you to cock it, Maybe

place it under your own chin


Locks and Guns for the Children

A rite of passage unsupervised

Locks and Guns for the Millions

Shot or be shot, live or die

            Locks and Guns

            Locks and Guns


You’re sure they’re comin’ to get you

It’s just a matter of time

They’re desperate, cold and hungry

            Likely violent and out of their minds


Most certainly not like us

One can easily tell.

A steel gray nine show no rust

The street chalk shows where they fell


Locks and Guns if we plan good, we’ll have

A Vigilante Nation on call

Locks and guns for our manhood

Locks and Guns for all

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