Looking at the clock on my phone

Or the one the my stove

In my kitchen at home

Was I not to be somewhere


Crossed off Calendar

Reschedule booking

How’s a week from Thursday

Looking at eight

Let’s say nine cause I’ll be late


Not Enough Time

To smell the roses

Not Enough Time

To return your call

Not Enough Time

To strike a balance

Not Enough Time

To proceed or stall


Time is money and

Money is fine for

Putting up the sign

That says you’re more than ok

Got mo’ pay than yesterday

So you begin that task for work

Such a clerk. Pushing

paper for the perk ‘

Of working from home, Still no time

you can call your own


Not Enough Time

To finish that Novel

Not Enough Time

Late Summer or Fall

Not Enough Time

With a month of Sundays

Not Enough Time

Not Enough Time at all



Not Enough TIme

​Jefferson Berry




Command R

Restarts Song

Is the Ambition that will

make you crazy

Maybe better than the lazy

Ways of most

Push it up the Hill or wait to coast


Still somebody’s gonna

Want cha to Keep up

As you Bleep up Do you need a

Space to unwind

No, there’s not enough, not enough time


Not enough time

To Go Out on Tour

Not Enough Time

To find a new job

Not Enough Time

To Patent the Big One

Not Enough Time

For All that we’ve Got