UAC 2016 (L-R) Irene Lambrou, Dave Brown, Bud Burroughs, Jefferson Berry, Briana Berry, Marky B, David Rapoport, Dean McNulty and Becka Cooper.  Photo by Laurel Husk.

The best gig every year is Saturday Pre-Fest at the Falcon Ridge folk Festival, just throwing songs into the fire with friends. Photo by Lauralee Longname

Irene Lambrou and Troy Schoenmeier of Almshouse had a cool crossover set with the UAC at Jamey's House of Music.

Fairmount Station by The Berrys is the project that proceeded The Urban Acoustic Coalition.  Briana Berry fronted that band, here at XFEST 2011.  Photo by Kathleen Sheehan.

The UAC at the Tin Angel:

Photos by Laurel Husk

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Laying a little motown on the campers at the 2013 Philadelphia Folk Festival.  Billy Hyatt on the left playing bass.  Killing it from the right are Dave Brown on banjo and Bud Burroughs on mandolin.  "Set me Free, why dont; cha baby."  Photo:  Ray Banas.

2014 Philadelphia Folk Festival.  The Campstage, Friday for two hours.  Among the 17 players in the Coalition that day, here we have JB with Marky B and Irene Lambrou.  The Show included stand ins by members of Sonoma Sound, No Good Sister and Boris Garcia.  Boris Garcia reciprocated at the 2015 fest with a small UAC set.

Photography by John Clark.  Logo by JB & Rhona Candelero

Dave Brown played banjo, dobro & stratocaster at Henderson's 4th of July BBQ back in the day.

Ernie Tokay's  hosts a big-ass BBQ each summer at his Little Spiders Studios in Kimberton. Meat Collides with Fire features great musicians, nice peoples and  shots in the blue hat.  Photo Bud Burroughs

Dead Monkey Day, a rite of spring on the Unami Creek. Here with Psych-A-Billy's Liz KeoughNo one catches more of these moments than Kathleen Sheehan.

It was a blast playing the Philadelphia Folk Festival in 2011.  The Berrys (l-r) Billy Hyatt, Fender Bass and vocals; Briana Berry, Lead Vocals; JB, Guitar and vocals; Bud Burroughs, Mandolin.  Photo by Maureen O'Connell.

Millard Brown (Stu & the Gurus) and I developed a mutual admiration at the Phildelphia Folksong Society's Spring Thing. Sharing a cabin, jamming into the night, Millard's guitar playin' and singin' represents a special level of cool. Photo:  Charlie Miller.

Dave Brown, Ernie Tokay & Chris Henderson at Meat Collides with Fire.  Sinners, all.