Double Deadbolt Logic is getting Great Reviews

Double Deadbolt Logic is an evocative, spiritually suggestive album.  I was helplessly hooked before the first song was even half done, and I suspect you might be too.  It’s a terrific record from front to back.” – The Rock Doctor

"Berry and company have crafted a fun, thoughtful and unpredictable listen that

anyone with an ear for folk and Americana will have no trouble enjoying" - Take Effect

Whether playing straight up folk, country, blues, jazz, rock or a combination of these, the musicianship on Double Deadbolt Logic is superb. This is a testimony to the fine musicians Berry has assembled for his project. Still, the best players in the world don't matter at all if the songs aren't there. Fortunately, Berry delivers here as well, offering up a dozen strong, varied tunes. - Blinded by Sound

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