October 10th watch party. The UAC Porch Show

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The Philadelphia Americana Music scene has had many online shows during the Covid ERA. In August, Jefferson Berry & the UAC took over Jefferson's neighbors and his porch, added a streaming tech with 4 cameras, a live sound guy as well as a ProTools guy to record the two sets. Video and still documentation. Greek platters for the band and all the neighbors...... Oh, and a drone pilot to shoot us from the tree tops.

But there's more. We took the footage from all six cameras, the sound from all 20 channels and turned it over to Matt Muir and Alyssa Shea to recreate a show that is as good as anything folks have seen since they were hoisting a pint at their favorite club.

Mark you calendar, It's a Saturday watch party at 2p & 7p of a spectacular day of music in the neighborhood.

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