It's a show.  A Coalition of Players, some of the best musicans in Philadelphia (or any town we find ourselves in) take their places on the stage to help me tell my stories. Stories of the city.  This Coalition of players, much like a cast, rotate in and out, setting up a pacing for the evening that keeps each tale fresh.  


Spend  six and half minutes with our EPK, the video above.  Join the Coalition!

Music Videos

Club Ned is an oasis of fun that reaches its peak each year at the Philaelphia Folk Festival.  It kicks off each year at a little gathering we call Dead Monkey Day. These are truly our people.  Hot Fun in the Summertime was shot on the Unami Creek by a bunch a friends with cellphones.

Hippies and Hillbillies' Bass player, the late Ron Ward posted of video after the band faded.  This is from one of our several reunions, an obscure Neil Young cover, Crime in the City.

Meat Collides With Fire out in the Western 'Burbs where the BBQ runs into a bunch of good tunes.  At the end of the Urban Acoustic Coalition's set, there was time for one more and Chris Henderson and I put down a pretty cool version of this old 60s hit.  Our Day Will Come.

Sammy Rodriguez was a co-worker of mine.  We worked at a gas station in Los Angeles.  Sammy, like so many hard working people in this country, had problems with his legal status.  Some years later, it's pretty clear that Sammy and his people are our neighbors, our friends and they are not leaving.

Playing for our friends at the Front Porch/Camp Marshall, we exceeded the bounds of the house concert stage plot. Jimmy & Maggie's stage never had so many players.  Always a good set and great time with them. Phinnigan Phipps is their go-to guy on the videos. He did a sweet job on In Too Deep when we were there in the summer of 2014.

Jefferson and Briana front favorite from Fairmount Station album:  She Was Baking Bread.  In June 2015, the Philadelphia Folk Song Society had the Urban Acoustic Coalition as its coop concert of the month. 

That Was Me